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      1. Zinc Methionine


        • Rich in methionine and organic trace elements, fit for animal absorption, to improve feed utilization.
        • No incompatibility with vitamins, antibiotics and commonly drugs.
        • Keeping livestock reproductive organs well, increase the sperm quality and activity.
        • Whet animals appetite to promote growing. Enhance immune function and reduce piglet diarrhea, improve skin and fur smooth and gloss.
        • Promote protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

        Nutrition and Index

        • Appearance: white or similar white powder, have methinoine smell
        Zn=15%   AA=40%   Methionine=35%


        • Pig: 300-500g
        • Poultry: 300-600g
        • Cow: 300-500g
        • Aquatic: 200-400g

        20kg Carton

        In the Dry, Cool, Ventilated place