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      1. Micronutrient Amino Acids Chelate / (B, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mg)


        • This product is mainly composed of 18 amino acids as well as more than ten kinds of trace elements like zinc, copper, manganese, iron and boron, etc.
        • It is of no toxicity and pollution.
        • Amino acids are more than 28%, chelated trace elements (Fe+Cu+Mn+Zn+B+Mg) more than 10%.
        • This product is all chelated organic trace elements, the absorptivity of which is 2~4 times higher than the inorganic trace elements.

        Functional Characteristics

        • Promote the growth of plant roots, enlarge the leaf area, speed up the tillering process, make the stalk thicker, enhance the crops?ability to resist disease and lodging, increase the output of leaf vegetables and tobacco leaves and make them go on the market earlier than usual.
        • Increase the fruit-setting-rate, boost the young fruits?expansion and coloration, increase the fruits?sugar content, setting rate, output and improve the crops?quality.
        • Increase the resilience strengths, like drought resistance, cold resistance, waterlogging resistance, disease resistance and frost damage prevention, etc; increase the utilization rate and the efficiency of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and mitigate the chemical hazard on crops.

        Scope of Application

        • Applicable to vegetables, fruit trees, tobaccos, cotton, teas, oil-bearing crops, Chinese medicinal plants, flowers, lawn and grain crops, etc; it can also be used in drop irrigation and soil-less cultivation.

        Using Method

        • Dilute with neutral water by 400-600 times or 30g product adds 12-15kg water to spray on the surface of the leaves.

        40-50g each time.

        Seed soaking:
        For 20g of this liquid fertilizer, add 6-10kg water. Soak seeds 12-48 hours.

        Notes for Use

        • Do not spray on hot days or rainy days. Spray again if there is rain 6 hours after having sprayed.
        • The intervals for using should not be less than 7 days.
        • It can be used mixing with the most of herbicidal chemicals.
        • Valid is two years.

        Package and Storage

        • 20KG/Bag,10KG/Bag. (Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside).
        • Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.