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      1. Manganese Amino Acid Chelate


        • Mn is the specific activation ion of glycosyltransferase. Through affecting the activity of glycosyltransferase and the synthesis of mucopolysaccharide, Mn involved in the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. So Mn may greatly affect animal's growth, reproductive capability. This chelate product contains the same Mn structure as the one in animal's liver.
        • The main digestive organ for Mn is animal's liver. Through Modern Chemical Coordination Technology, combining with Mn ions by the proportion 1:1, Amino Acid formed the organic element which contains the five circle covalent bond. The experiment shows that Zn in this chelate product has high utilization and can be absorbed by animal intestinal fast. It is the most effective organic microelement addictive.
        • The experiment shows that Mn in this chelate product has higher utilization than inorganic Manganese Salt and the Mn molecule structure in Mn Amino Acid Chelate is similar with the natural one in animal body which can be absorbed by animal intestinal.

        Composing Component


        • Promote bones growth, reduce the incidence of pedopathy.
        • Improve animal's immunity; promote its growth.
        • Improve egg producing rate and hatching rate; prevent and cure the livestock's tibia illness; promote the recovering of wound.
        • As a special additive, Mn Amino Acid Chelate has a great effect, and can increase Mn's utilization ratio more than 25%.
        • In the application of aquatic field, it can improve the survival rate of seeding and plant's resistance and stress capability.

        Light yellow Powder

        20kg Carton

        In the Dry, Cool, Ventilated place