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      1. Iron Amino Acid Chelate


        • Fe is the element of Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, Cytochrome Enzyme and other Oxidase, has close connection with Hematopoietic Function, Oxygen Transport and Reaction Principle.
        • Fe Amino Acid Chelate is one product containing the same Fe structure as the one in animal's liver. The main digestive organ for Fe is animal's liver.
        • Through Modern Chemical Coordination Technology, combining with Fe ions by the proportion 1:1, Amino Acid formed the organic element which contains the five circle covalent bond.
        • The experiment shows that the molecule structure in Fe Amino Acid Chelate is similar with the natural one in animal body which can be absorbed by animal intestinal and supplied to young stock through placenta or latex.
        • This product is the most effective organic microelement addictive.

        Composing Component


        • Prevent iron deficiency anemia
        • Increase the content of Heme in sucking pig
        • Increase the content of hemoglobin, make the skin ruddy

        Recommended Dosage

        Dark brown

        20kg Carton

        In the Dry, Cool, Ventilated place.