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      1. Copper Amino Acid Chelate


        • Having a great influence on Hematopoietic Tissues, Hair Color, Central Nervous System, Reproductive Capability etc., Copper can affect every steps of animal tissues and organs' growth, improve animal humoral and cellular immunities.
        • It participates in the bone formation, has a great meaning for osteocyte and gelatinous elastin's growth.
        • Cu Amino Acid Chelate is one product containing the same Cu structure as the one in animal's liver. The main digestive organ for Cu is animal's liver.
        • Through Modern Chemical Coordination Technology, combining with Cu ions by the proportion 1:1, Amino Acid formed the organic element which contains the five circle covalent bond.
        • The experiment shows that the molecule structure in Cu Amino Acid Chelate is similar with the natural one in animal body which can be absorbed by animal intestinal and supplied to young stock through placenta or latex. The utilization is higher than inorganic copper.

        Composing Component


        • Improve the bone's growth and development. Promote the function of enzyme.
        • Make full use of cuprum enzyme. Can effectively clean the free radical, prevent lipid peroxidation, enhance animal's anti-stress capability, improve the immune function.
        • Has antibacterial, bactericidal function, can prevent and cure enteritis, dermatosis and anemia.
        • Make full use of antibiotics and antimildew agent, can greatly decrease the pollution of excrement.
        • It is the best nutrient copper source of aquatic animals; will not affect the function through ruminant's rumen.

        Recommended Dosage

        Green Powder

        20kg Carton

        In the Dry, Cool, Ventilated place