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      1. Amino Acids Powder / 40%, 45%, 50%, 60%, 80% amino acid powder


        • It is light yellow Powder and dissolved, which is also an ideal low-cost and high-quality protein supplement.
        • Protein contain is up to 105-110%, which is higher than soybean 40%-60%, it is part substitute protein materials of soybean meal and fish meal, it is easy to dissolution and resorption in animal body, 4-10% yield can be achieved to add this products, the high protein content and small protein molecules to promote digestibility up to 95%.


        • Concentrate - filter - impurity - remove heavy metals - secondary filter - dry - pack


        • Delicious, can regulate feed taste, to promote animal appetite
        • Nutrition supplements fast for animals to improve the feed usage
        • This product is hydrolyzed keratin, rich in cystine, tyrosine and serine which is useful animal fur growth
        • Promote growth , shorten the breeding cycle, improve the animal digestive function, reduce disease, and increase resistant
        • In aqua feed can promote plankton growth, improve fish and shrimp production of crude protein content, increase the animal nutrition
        • Adhesive ability to shape the particle

        Recommend Dosage

        • Duck 2-4%
        • Fish 3-5%
        • Chicken 2-3%
        • Grow-fishing pigs 3-5%
        • It has better effects used for ducks, ruminant and aquatic feed.

        Physical index

        • Crude protein more than 105%
        • Contain 17 kinds of amino acids
        • Water content less than 3%
        • Ash content less than 2%