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      1. Amino Acid Chelate-Zinc (AH-C06)


        • Zinc is one component of many enzymes in plants which involved in auxin synthesis and nitrogen metabolism.
        • Inorganic can't be directly absorbed much by plants, and easily lost, and slow effects. But no above phenomenon happened to amino acids chelated zinc.
        • Because zinc and the molecules amino acids can combine with each other and form a stable construction.

        Main Functions

        • Zinc can promote leaf green, so as to enhance photosynthesis.
        • Zinc are beneficial to the formation of indole acetic acid.
        • Mucking zinc fertilizer can make content of RNA in the body content increased, and promote plant's growth and development.
        • Amino aid chelated zinc can enhance function of resistance. The fertilizer has enhanced the role of resistance. Zinc powder can improve the oat smut, smut of barley for firm, winter rye smut disease resistance of the stalk. In addition, also can improve the bean spot disease resistance of carbon, reduced wilt disease of cotton, sunflower, white rot and gray rot damage.

        Quality Specifications


        • To all the crop.


        • You can mix it with pesticides,which will enhance the function with each other.
        • Please spray it at 10am or 4pm so that the plant will have the best absorption.
        • Please re-spray if the rain come in two hours.

        Package and Storage

        • 20KG/Bag,10KG/Bag. (Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside).
        • Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.