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      1. Amino Acid Chelate Iron (AH-C04)


        • Iron mainly exists in the chloroplasts, taking part in the formation of chlorophyll.
        • It is not only an important component of enzyme material which involve in respiaration; but also the component of ferredoxin which involved in electron transfer.
        • In addition, iron plays an important role in biological nitrogen fixation Iron.
        • Iron is one component which is the most difficult to be transferred. If the plants lack of iron, the first deficiency chlorosis will be in young leaves, but the normal in old leaves.
        • When leaves lack of green, firstly leaf will become yellow, and vein still keep green; then leaf chip become white, vein yellow, brown spots or necrotic tissue will appear on both sides of the central focus. At the least, many leaves will fall.

        Quality Specifications

        Main Functions

        • Quickly supply the crop with its lacking iron element and have the high performance on crop diseases caused by iron deficiency effects.
        • Our amino acid chelated- Fe fertilizer, as the trace elements iron-specific organic fertilizer, can repair chloroplast structure, accelerate the rate of formation of chlorophyll, increase photosynthesis, and promote root strong, leaves dark green and freshly , increase production, increase fruit sugar content, and promote a good harvest.
        • This kind of trace elements fertilizer of iron can specially prevent and treat diseases of yellow leaves,lacking green leaves and oxic psychosis due to iron deficiency-induced diseases.


        • Most crops, especially for iron-sensitive crops, such as: citrus, beans, flax, sorghum, grapes, mint, soybeans, Sudan grass, fruit trees seedlings, vegetables and walnut, by field trials, wheat applicated by iron fertilizer application, can yield 10%, other crops such as rice, soybeans, apples, vegetables, green pepper, cotton, peanuts,on iron fertilizer application can achieve a higher yield.

        Proposed Dosage

        • You can mix it with pesticides, which will enhance the function with each other.
        • Please spray it before 10am or after 4pm so that the plant will have the best absorption.
        • Please re-spray it if the rain come in two hours.

        Package and Storage

        • 20KG/BAG, 10KG/BAG. (Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside).
        • Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.