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      1. Amino Acid Chelate Calcium (AH-C02)


        • Calcium is an important component of cell wall. And can maintain the integrity of the cell.
        • It can not move freely in plants, which can maintain the hardness of the stem and fruit and adjust the substance which the cells absorb such as nutrient to cross the cell membrane.
        • If the plants lack calcium, apple will become bitter, pear will have spots, tomatoes will rot at the blossom, and the growing point will die.

        Main Functions

        • To strengthen the plant cell membrane to make the the fruit far from the harm of pests and diseases and promote a good harvest.
        • To promote growth of root, and the effective carbohydrate metabolism.
        • To eliminate the toxic effects from other positive ions such as hydrogen ions(H+), ammonium ions(NH4+), aluminum ions(Al3+), magnesium ions (Mg2+) and so on. These effects are called ion antagonism.

        Quality Specifications


        • To all the fruit, vegetables and other economic crops, such as apples, tomatoes, cotton and so on.


        • Proposed dosage as the foliar spray fertilizer on the plants.

        • You also can have a flexible usage according to the crop varieties, growing season, the weather rain or shine, wet and dry soil, flexible use of basal conditions and other factors.
        • You can mix it with pesticides, which will enhance the function with each other.
        • Please spray it before 10am or after 4pm so that the plant will have the best absorption.
        • Please re-spray it if the rain comes in two hours.

        Package and Storage

        • 20KG/BAG, 10KG/BAG.
        • Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.