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      1. AM Unnate

        Unique potent nutritional immune support with a Patented Form of Chelated Minerals, Amino Acids and Vitamins


        • AM Unnate is a nutritional supplement that helps compensate the nutritional deficiency by supplying essential amino acids, important vitamins and trace elements.
        • AM Unnate is readily absorbed by the animals and birds through a unique balanced formulation utilizing chelated forms of amino acids and the highest grades of Vitamins - including vitamin C -, Minerals and Trace Elements.
        • AM Unnate helps boost the immune system by supplying essential Amino Acids to for protein necessary for the immune response.


        • Helps in the prevention of uneven flock weight, leg weakness, Summer stress, production fluctuation.
        • Helps decrease the flocks Mortality Rate.
        • Helps Compensate for loss of nutrients especially during Summer Months.
        • Helps improve the following:

          • Stress conditions such as Vaccinations and Treatment of diseases.
          • Immune system functions.
          • Feed Intake, Growth & FCR.
          • Size, Production & Quality of Eggs.
          • Semen quality - Male Breeder.
          • Fertility, hatchability - Female Breeder.
          • Carcass quality.


        For oral administration.
        • To be added to the broilers with the rate of 1 ml/ 1 liter of drinking water.
        • To be added to the Layers with the rate of 2 ml/ 1 liter of drinking water for a period of 5 days.


        *Each 1 Liter contains:
        L - Lysine, L - Threonine, DL - Methionine, L - Tryptophan, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Zinc (Chelated Glycine), Copper (Chelated Glycine), Vitamin C, and Other Proprietary Ingredients including Beta Glucan and other Patented mix