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      1. About Us


        American Health Products is part of the Aston, Ltd., group of companies specialized in bulk manufacturing and distribution of veterinary feed additives, amino acids, chelated minerals, and fertilizers.

        AHP Veterinary line of products supplies Enzymes & Probiotics, toxin binders, anti-stress, growth promoters, acidifiers, vitamin mixes and feed additives.

        AHP veterinary line of products are available in solid, liquid and powder forms for a better feed-utilization, increased growth rate and production.

        AHP's research team has worked in the veterinary field with several partners to establish a solid veterinary line of products that are essential for great productivity and animal health.

        Each of AHP's affiliated companies has a well-established sales force in their respective distribution markets.

        AHP's commitment to quality of all of its products is the number one priority and is not to be sacrificed at any cost.

        We feel that when you think about quality you think about American Health Products Company.